When do regos close?

Registrations for MTSMM 2018 close at 11:59pm 23rd September 2018

What does my ticket cost include?

Your ticket cost includes all your meals and accommodation.
It also contributes to the overall costs of:
Administration, booklet printing, nametags, lanyards, site costs, toilets, pop up tents, rubbish disposal, speakers donation, credit card processing, graphic design, musician accommodation, staff accommodation, signage, AV and staging, volunteers donations

What are the options for couples or families?

There are 3 options for couples or families:
Individual dorm room (ensuite upon request and availability) - For this option please email events@mts.com.au for tickets
Indoor Camping - For this option please purchase individual indoor camping tickets under the same booking
Outdoor Camping - For this option please purchase individual outdoor camping tickets under the same booking

I can no longer attend MTSMM - what should I do?

We can offer you a refund up until Sunday 23rd September - please email events@mts.com.au

Who should come to MTSMM?

Anyone who wants to think about how they can be mission-minded with their whole lives.
Whether you have no idea how you are going to do that, or you have been considering for a while how you might serve Jesus with the rest of your life - we want you to come along.

What is the start and finish time of MTSMM?

MTS Mission Minded starts on Friday night; rego opens at 6:30pm with some supper and the first main session beginning at 8pm. MTS Mission Minded finishes on Monday with the last main session ending at 12:30pm.

I can't attend for the whole conference, what are my options?

If you can only make it on Saturday and Sunday, please purchase a Weekend ticket (Saturday - Sunday). This ticket includes accommodation for Saturday night and all meals from Saturday breakfast - Sunday supper.
(If you purchase a weekend ticket and turn up on Friday night, we will not have accounted for your accommodation on the Friday night)

If you are wanting to attend just for the day, please purchase a Saturday day ticket or a Sunday day ticket.



For any registration or conference enquiries please contact:

MTS Events Coordinator
(02) 9570 5193