The end of the year is hurtling towards you, bringing with it a busy season on the Christian calendar. Perhaps your weekends are already filling with start of semester campus outreach prep, beach mission meetings, or weddings aplenty, all while you scramble to make time for the important relationships in your life. Not to mention the mountain of conferences on offer. So why should you make time for MTS Mission Minded?

In essence, MTS Mission Minded is for you if you want to explore the challenge that Jesus' total lordship poses for how we serve Him, both now and for the rest of our lives. Which is all of us, right? If Jesus is our Lord, being thoughtful about how we serve him is part of our journey.

But the pathways towards taking part in God’s mission are so many and varied. Big decisions about where we fit in this mission face us all, and shape all of life. So here are just two of the reasons why making space in your life for MTS Mission Minded will help you make those calls.

Our decisions about ministry need to be driven by God’s word and God’s mission

As with any call we make about our lives, the catalyst needs to be the witness about Jesus in the Bible and what that means for us now. During MTS Mission Minded, hearing the message of God’s word to us will be the priority. Phil Colgan will be opening up 2 Corinthians with us each evening and peer groups will dive into what the Bible says about life, ministry, and the urgency of sharing Jesus. This all so that the gospel of Jesus might capture our hearts and move us to make decisions in line with his will, not our own.

Our decisions about ministry are long term

Making a call about taking up gospel work full time is a decision that both takes time and effects a long period of time. So it makes sense to invest time in figuring it out, right? Turning the direction of your life towards gospel work being your vocation cannot be a snap decision. This takes time and consulting the wisdom of others, all of which you can begin to invest in at MTS Mission Minded. You’ll spend time reflecting on your own and talking with others who have walked this path before you, opening up your thinking on how to take your next steps in serving Jesus with your whole life.

So even in the busyness of life, setting aside a long weekend to consider your place in God’s mission is well worth your while, since decisions about ministry are long term and driven by the Lordship of Jesus.