Guess what?!
Attendees get to choose 2 workshops to attend on Sunday 2nd October

Workshop Sessions:
11:30am - 1:00pm
4:00pm - 5:30pm


How to sell your church leadership on MTS and demystifying the new MTS Scholarship system

Presenter - Evan McFarlane (St Paul's Carlingford)

Equipping pastors and trainers with some practical steps to starting an MTS program at their church


Ministry & Money - How does it all work?

Presenter - Dave Martin (AFES VIC)

Equipping delegates to consider the financial implications of ministry apprenticeships and a lifetime of gospel work


The Lowdown on a Ministry Apprenticeship - everything you want to know

Presenter - Greg Lee (Hunter Bible Church)

Equipping delegates with an understanding of a) What being an MTS apprentice involves, and b) the various pathways of training available within MTS


How to recruit when there's no one home grown

Presenter - Richard Sweatman (Hunter Bible Church)

Equipping trainers or pastors for recruiting ministry apprentices when they are in a church/ministry that, at face value, does not appear to have any potential apprentices within it


Am I a failure if I go back into the workforce after my apprenticeship?

Presenters - Nathan Walter (Christ Church St Ives) & Jo Clark (Hunter Bible Church)

Equipping delegates with a Godly and mature framework for making decisions about whether or not to continue in ministry/ministry training after their apprenticeship


The Vine Project

Presenter - Tony Payne (Author)

Aiming to shape attendees perception of what the task of Christian ministry is;how it is driven and directed theologically by God's purposes (not ours) and that this plays out in multiple ways in the messy business of church/ministry culture


What must be at the centre of our apprenticeships

Presenter - Phillip Jensen (Two Ways Ministries)

After nearly 40 years of being involved in raising up the next generation of ministry workers, Phillip Jensen has an important and unique perspective on what makes MTS apprentices into future gospel leaders. Hear Phillip talk about the essential aspects of apprenticeships and how to keep raising up the next generation