Electives at MTS Mission Minded are designed to help you make decisions about full-time ministry:

Undivided devotion and obstacles to ministry

Gary Koo

Jesus teaches that discipleship means putting him first, and that this will sometimes bring division even among members of a family! How should we make decisions about full-time ministry if our families are against the idea? Or if we’re worried about our financial security? Or if we don’t feel mature enough for full-time ministry?

Undivided: complementarian ministry

Phillip Jensen & Tracey Gowing

There’s no getting around it: gender is a huge part of how God has made us as his image-bearers. How can men and women work together in gospel ministry in a way that reflects the good Lordship of Christ? Are there any differences in what men and women can do? How can we use our distinctions to benefit our ministry of the gospel?

Undivided devotion and work

Dave Moore

For many people, decisions about full-time ministry feel like a choice between ministry and secular work. Should there be any distinction between these? Is either one more important than the other? Is it even a binary choice? How should we make it? Can Christians ever think about a career?

Divided devotion: family life and public ministry

Paul, Margie, & Jess Sheely

‘A married man (or woman) is concerned about the affairs of this world…his interests are divided.’ What does it look like, practically, to do full-time ministry with the divided interests of family? How can we prevent devotion to ministry from becoming ungodliness in the family, or vice versa?

Undivided devotion & cross cultural ministry

Kingsley & Veronica Box

Paul’s undivided devotion to Christ and to the gospel meant that he sought to become all things to all people for the sake of winning them to Christ. What does that look like today in cross-cultural ministry? Are there any limits to engaging fully in another culture for the sake of the gospel? If people are considering this as an option for future ministry, what should they think about?

Undivided devotion and Christian unity

Nathan Walter

Christian unity is important. But it can sometimes be much harder to achieve in practice than it is to contend for in theory! Is it ever right to break unity? How can you make such decisions without being judgmental? On what basis should you ever make such a decision? Or hold back from making such a decision? What are the pressure points for Christian unity at the moment?

Undivided devotion as women

Lucy Langfield, Jo Clark & Jenny Jefferys

What opportunities are there for mission-minded women to engage in full-time ministry? How can the way women do full-time ministry shape their experience in full-time ministry? What are some of the opportunities and challenges that women in full-time ministry can face, especially in the context of ministry teams? What unique things should be part of training women in ministry?