As the conference prompts delegates to consider their next steps in ministry, a ministry worker or theological college student will be set aside to mentor them through the questions, hurdles and opportunities ahead.

Delegates will be allocated a mentor to meet with over the weekend, during which the mentor will assist them in their thinking and decision-making. Mentors will be an objective sounding board, able to offer insights from a few years down the ministry track.


Who gets mentored?

If you register as a 'Graduate/Worker' or ‘TAFE/Uni Student’, you will be automatically allocated a mentor to spend an hour or so with during the conference.

You are what we’d call a delegate - men and women who want to be mission minded and are working out how to serve Jesus Christ with their whole lives in light of the gospel, including whether to take steps for full time paid ministry or not!


Who will the mentors be?

Mentors will be made up of Ministry Workers, MTS Trainers and theological college students attending the conference.

When will I find out who is mentoring me?

As we can't start allocating delegates with mentors until the majority of the registrations are in, you will usually find out who is mentoring you upon arrival at the conference.