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This year, at MTS Mission Minded, Simon will speak to us about how the priorities of God’s kingdom will shape and affect our status as a single or married person, and in turn, our ministry.

Born and bred in Sydney, Simon Flinders came to know Christ as a child through the influence of his parents and church community.

He has been serving as the Senior Pastor at Northbridge Anglican Church since mid 2010, having worked in Georges Hall and North Sydney previously. He is also the Patron of Scripture Union NSW, chaplain to the NSW cricket team, board member of Sports Chaplaincy Australia, and Chair of a Taskforce seeking to develop a disciple-making ministry network for "blue-collar" Christians.

Simon was an MTS apprentice himself in 1995 and 1996 at the University of NSW, and has now also been involved in the training of several MTS apprentices. Although there are currently no MTS apprentices at his church, he looks forward to the day when the Lord raises up some of their young people to do an apprenticeship.

He is a husband to Tamara and a father to three girls—Gemma, Lily, and Charlotte.

“Is marriage better than singleness? Or is singleness better than marriage? What does the Bible say?